About Us

Who Are We?

We are two friends who have been studying the financial world since many years ago. One of the things we’re most excited about is the trading business since it’s always changing and evolving into different things. Back when online trading became a thing in 1971 with NASDAQ, we weren’t even born!

When we started to research trading, it already had come a long way; there were several assets that you could trade, the internet was getting more popular and accessible each year, and there were many platforms in which you could trade safely without having to get out of your computer.

One thing that we found interesting about trading is that it looks complicated from the outside, but once you study and try it properly, it’s actually simple (some people may even consider it fun). The trading process isn’t the difficult part; the difficult part is investigating market behavior so that you make better financial decisions whenever you trade.

After some years of trial and error, we got the necessary experience to dive into trading as a full-time activity. It took a lot of time for us, but it was great to learn so many things about the market and how it can affect the economy.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

While we consider ourselves experienced traders, we know that this is an activity that demands way too much time. Some people don’t have any issues with this, but others who may have part-time jobs or activities always have complications if they want to commit to trading.

We thought about this for a long time until we decided to create a trading platform of our own that could help users to trade much more efficiently. However, the platform itself wasn’t enough to help people, and that’s where we came across trading robots. These robots used AI systems to filter and verify trades in a quicker way, which was great for our goal.

After putting together a team of developers and expert traders, we started working on what it’s known today as Bitcoin Profit; this is a trading robot that people from all skill levels can use to optimize their trading experience, helping people worldwide to introduce trading into their lives without sacrificing their current daily routine.

Be Ready to Join Our Team!

Trading has never been an easy task, but if you put in the work, we guarantee that you’re going to see improvement in your trading skills and thought process. Nobody was born with experience, and it takes time to learn the fundamentals thoroughly. However, with the help of an app, such as Bitcoin Profit, you can make that process much shorter.

If you’re interested in trying out the app for free, make sure to join our team!